WSUS CatelogVersion Mis-Match in ConfigMgr after Restore

After WSUS Database (SUSDB) restore, sometimes Software Updates will no longer install on clients. UpdatesDeployment.log will show “Total Actionable Updates = 0”
You can also find missing updates based on WSUS Catalog:
“Get-WmiObject -Query “Select * FROM CCM_UpdateStatus” -NameSpace “root\ccm\SoftwareUpdates\UpdatesStore” | where {$_.status -eq “Missing”} | Select Title, Status”
It will show, lots of updates are missing. But SCCM agent won’t recognize these updates as applicable.
We can find out last CatalogVersion with the following SQL command:
“Select ContentVersion, LastSyncStateTime from dbo.Update_SyncStatus”
Select MAX(CI.SDMPackageDigest.value(‘(/DesiredConfigurationDigest/SoftwareUpdateBundle/

ConfigurationMetadata/Provider/Operation[@Name=”Detect”]/Parameter/Property[@Name=”MinCatalogVersion”]/@Value)[1]’, ‘int’)) MinCatalogVersion
FROM [CI_ConfigurationItems] as CI
WHERE CIType_ID = 8”

But CatalogVersion in SCCM Console shows different version:

How to Fix this issue?
To fix this issue, we need to fix values on two different places:
+ Update_SyncStatus database
+ Registry Fix for CatalogVersion
To fix “Update_SyncStatus”, we need to set “ContentVersion” value to match latest version. Use following command to update database:
“Update Update_SyncStatus Set ContentVersion = 1245 from Update_SyncStatus”

To fix CatalogVersion in Registry, we need to fix following values:

After implementing above fix, we need to run “Synchronize Software Updates” from SCCM Console. Once synchronization will complete, the Catalog should have latest version.
After confirming everything, trigger “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle” on one of the client to get new configurations. Trigger “Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle” & “Software Updates Scan Cycle”. After few minutes, you should be able to see new or applicable updates on Software Center.

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