How to create Web-App in Azure for Configuration Manager

This document provides information about “Azure Services” connector in Configuration Manager. To configure Azure Services in Configuration Manager, we need a Web-App for communication between Configuration Manager and Azure. Here is procedure to create a Web-App in Azure assuming you’ve Global Admin rights.

  • Go to Azure Portal (
  • Search for “App Registrations” in top search bar
  • Click on “New Registration”
  • Enter Web-App name relevant to your requirement i.e.
  • Select Single tenant, if we are going to use only for one environment, leave “Redirect URI” blank and click “Register”
  • Once done you need to create “Certificate & Secret Id”
  • Click on “New Client Secret”. Make a note of secret key.
  • You need to make a note of following information from the newly created Web-App
  • Azure AD Tenant Name: xxx
  • Azure AD Tenant ID: xxx
  • Application Name: SVC_SCCM-MicrosoftStore
  • Client (Application) ID: xxx
  • Secret Key: xxx
  • Secret Key Expiry: ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2022
  • No extra permissions required, unless required for that particular “Azure Service”
  • In most cases default permission will work.

How to integrate Windows Store for Business in Configuration Manager

Logon to SCCM Console, then navigate to the following location:

\Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Azure Services

  • Right click on Azure Services and select option “Configure Azure Services”. Enter service name something like “Microsoft Store for Business” and also select option “Microsoft Store for Business” given in middle box of wizard. Hit Next.

On the next page, click on browse for “Web-App”.

  • On the next window, click option “Import” for Web-App what you’ve already created in “How to create Web-App in Azure for Configuration Manager”. On the next page, complete all boxes with the information what you can get from the Web-App. Once all required information is entered, click on verify. After successful verification. Hit OK and then OK again.
  • On the next wizard window, select location where you want to save “Microsoft Store for Business” app contents. It is could anywhere on the server or NAS location.
  • Hit “Next” on wizard and close the wizard. Configuration Job done.

Configure a tool to synchronize Inventory

To configure a tool to synchronize Microsoft Store for Business Inventory, we need to follow these steps:

  • Logon to
  • Click on “Manage” then “Settings” and on the right side of page click on “Distribute”
  • You’ll see Management tool page, here click on “+ Add Management Tool”
  • Here we need to add the same app which we’ve created earlier. Search will find you the application, select it and hit Ok.
  • Also activate you currently added “Management Tool”
  • Once “Management Tool” configuration completed in Azure, then go back to “Configuration Management Console”, Click on “Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Azure Services.
  • Click on “Microsoft Store for Business” and then click on “Sync from Microsoft Store for Business”
  • You can check status of Sync in “WsfbSyncWorker.log”
  • Once Sync is completed successfully, your job is done.

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